10 Ideas for Spring Break Family Fun In The Shipyards District


It’s that time of year again! Springtime has come to Vancouver, daffodils are popping up all over town, days are getting a little warmer, and parents everywhere are facing the same burning question: what will we do with the kids for Spring Break?

Fear not! We’ve put together some of our favourite, affordable activities for the whole family to enjoy together. Ready? Set? Break!

1. Visit The Polygon Gallery.


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This internationally renowned art museum is one of BC’s finest cultural offerings. Open Wednesday-Sunday, they also offer guided tours of some of their current exhibits for an added, immersive experience.


2. Check out MONOVA.



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Open Thursday-Sunday, this more interactive art museum is a great place to share with kids of all ages. Don’t miss “Riding with Change: History Performed”, a one-person theatrical performance that showcases the many characters from North Shore’s streetcar days! 


3. Spend the afternoon at Lonsdale Quay Market.


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The “Q” has something for everyone. From a kids’ play area and toy shops, to its international food court and artisan stalls, this is a great way to spend a day of family fun. Besides, you can’t beat those waterfront views from the Quay!


4. Rent E-Bikes and go for a ride.


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Perhaps the best way to get around The Shipyards District, an e-bike is also the perfect way to explore The Spirit Trail for a leisurely coast across the entire North Shore on one, continuous path. 


5. Ice cream and sweet treats crawl.


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What better way to invite a little springtime into your life than a Sweets Crawl! Pro tip: Be sure to start the sugar rush early so kiddos still have plenty of daylight to tire themselves out before bed! We love Cream Pony, Welcome Parlour, Old World Confections and Earnest Ice Cream to get the party started.


6. Skip the dishes for a family meal on the town.


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Spring Break from school can also mean a break from kitchen chores too! Let The Shipyards District’s many delicious restaurants treat you to world-class cuisine and excellent service that will make your next family meal memorable and hassle-free. Some of our favourite family-friendly places are Burgoo, Cheshire Cheese, and Kitchen Craft Eatery.


7. Discover The Shipyards District’s Walking Art Tour.

Did you know that North Vancouver has many one-of-a-kind art pieces on display all around the city? Get your walking shoes on, download the map, and set out to experience the area through the eyes of an artistic explorer! It’s free, fun, AND educational for the whole family (but that can be our little secret). 


8. Ice Skating at The Shipyards Skate Plaza.


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As winter comes to a close, so will the ice rink at The Shipyards Skate Plaza. Don’t miss out on a crisp day of outdoor skating from now until the end of Spring Break on March 28th.


9. Ride the Seabus.

While many Vancouverites enjoy this ride as a daily commute for work, the Seabus also happens to be one of the most unique ways to see the city: from the water! Departing regularly from Lonsdale Quay to the Metro Vancouver waterfront, this scenic event is one that everyone should get to experience on a relaxing day off. 


10. Create your own Shipyards scavenger hunt.

Start from “A,” and see if your family can get to “Z” before sunset! Put your teenagers’ cell phones to good use with a family scavenger hunt to find and snap pics of one Shipyards District local business that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Psst! You can even check out the North Shore Culture Compass for their detailed, digital map and alphabetical list of businesses to use as a cheat sheet.

There’s always something fun and creative to get the family moving and shaking in The Shipyards District. This Spring Break, get your crew out on the town for daily adventures everyone can enjoy together, and we think you’ll find the time really does fly when you’re having a blast.