Economic Development

The Shipyards District is not only one of the city’s oldest urban neighbourhoods, it is also its fastest growing and has only recently begun to reach its full potential as a dynamic and vibrant waterfront community.

Since the BIA’s creation in 2017, the board and staff have been committed to advocating on behalf of  The Shipyards District Business Improvement Area’s membership with the primary goal to market and promote businesses within the designated geographical area to locals and visitors.


The Shipyards District is in the unique position of enjoying many major public capital development projects as well as increased and ongoing residential densification. From the opening of The Polygon Gallery and The Shipyards, to the creation of new wide-open public gathering spaces, completion of the 6.5 kilometre Pacific Trail, increased and enhanced public transit and environmental programs, to the future creation of a Brewery Precinct, a museum and a third hotel, these large-scale development projects are economic drivers that will attract visitors and media attention on a scale never before seen in the district.


The BIA will continue to influence planning and policy issues that affect the economic health of the district. Key priorities include lobbying the City of North Vancouver for fair and equitable taxes, working with developers and commercial realtors on ensuring a diverse business mix, ideally populated with smaller independent business owners and supporting residential or commercial development that is good for the business district.


It is paramount that The Shipyards District BIA, which represents the over 800 property owners and business operators, continues to have a voice and be a recognized partner in the growth and enhancements to the area as it strives to generate positive economic impacts for the district.
Working together on common goals for mutual benefit will be central to how the Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Area’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan is executed.