Reckless Shipyards
E-Bike Rentals

Reckless Bikes welcomes you to our new central location at The Shipyards, North Vancouver. Ideally located on the bike-friendly Spirit Trail. We offer e-bike rentals and sales. Come check us out!

Join us for a guided tour or we can help you will plan your trip and send you on a self-directed ride. We are much more than a bike store, we’re community ambassadors and guides. We’d love to listen to your needs, or just about anything. The best part of our day is jumping on the saddle, and we hope we can bring that same happy feeling to you!

Coastal Cogs
E-Bike Rentals

Coastal Cogs E-Bike Rentals and Tours provides you with a fun & safe way to explore the North Shore, Vancouver, and beyond! Day-trip backpack rentals, outdoor sports gear, lifestyle fashion, and pet products. Locally owned and operated.

Motor Pony
E-Bike Rentals

At Motor Pony Electric we sell power assisted bikes and fully electric scooters in North Vancouver, Canada. We are family owned and operated and have been living and working here on the north shore for over 40 years. During that time, we have sold many kinds of products, but sometimes (just like falling in love) you come across something that just takes your breath away. For us, this particular love affair began with the power assisted bicycle or e-bike.

Lime E-Bikes

The North Shore’s e-bike sharing program is now officially on the streets.

E-bike sharing provider Lime began deploying a fleet of 200 electric assist bikes available to be rented for trips around The Shipyards District. Download the app HERE to find out where you can pick-up a bike.

A woman riding on the spirit trail.