As you walk about The Shipyards District be on the lookout for several pieces of public art beautifully animating the streetscapes, and seamlessly integrated into the natural environment by the City of North Vancouver. Each piece of art is an original, one-of-a-kind work that has been created to reflect, express and celebrate the unique local heritage, culture and environment of the area.

Art and Sculpture in Lower Lonsdale


A: Joe Bustemente Trumpet
This one-armed Chilean mariner was retained to blow his trumpet to direct ferries through the fog to the wharf.

B: Launch
A domestic vessel and a shipping vessel have been paired to acknowledge the past and present.

C: Time Keepers
Aspects of their life spent in North Vancouver is captured by these six figures.

D: Burgeoning
Reflecting the important community values of growth and prosperity.

E: Voyage
An astrolab, a globe crisscrossed by lines of travel, or a child’s toy, with an iconic copper vessel poised in space charting a path of discovery.

F: Lost Cows of Lillooet
50 miniature cows are wondering Lonsdale. Seek a bus shelter to find out why.

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