COMING SOON! Salted Cycle Reopens In The Shipyards District 


Look out, cycle enthusiasts, Salted Cycle is coming for you this October in their brand new location on 1st east! A true blue Lower Lonsdale staple since 2017, this upbeat spin studio will be moving into a larger space with a lot more potential to grow and engage their community. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Becky Jasper and her team, so if you’re already jonesing to sweat, here’s what you need to know:


Indoor Cycling With A Serious Beat

Movement has always been important to founder Becky Jasper. A Saskatchewan native with a background in fashion, she eventually set down roots in North Vancouver where she worked for Lululemon and taught fitness classes on the side. Soon she would dream up something of her own though: a safe and motivating space for all bodies to move and achieve personal goals, but where they might also learn something about themselves through the process. Salted Cycle keeps the music loud for their exercise classes in North Vancouver, and the classrooms are dark except for minimal lights that pump along to the beat. After all, this is meant to be a no-judgement zone of fierce peddling and good vibes only, because “so much can happen when you’re with yourself; it can become a healthy addiction,” Becky says. In a world that often thinks of working out as something you have to do, “we feel it’s something we get to do, and when folks fall in love with it, they can stick to it.”


It’s More Than A Crew for Cruisers

“We love our Lower Lonsdale community so much, we couldn’t see this anywhere else.” The studio prides itself on encouraging deeper relationships through movement; not only do they enjoy getting to know their riders and think of them like family, but they also believe in the kind of personal transition that can happen when we spend time exploring truths about ourselves too. Becky’s excited that unlike their old space, the new Salted Cycle studio will have its own community area complete with retail, a place for riders to meet and mingle before and after class, and even room for special events and community collaborations. The first will be their grand opening launch party with a special guest and lots of upbeat energy and good music to go around, so be sure to keep an eye on their website, Instagram and Facebook for all upcoming announcements. 


Progress is in the Pedals

Indoor cycling isn’t just about getting your heart rate up for 50 minutes; there are a ton of short and long-term physical and mental benefits to your peddle time too, and lowering LDL cholesterol and improving glucose tolerance are only a few. Consistent cycling burns a ton of calories in shorter sessions, engages small-twitch muscles for a leaner look, increases your blood’s oxygen intake, and can even reduce symptoms of depression. Salted Cycle’s arrival on The Shipyards District scene not only offers a new opportunity for the neighbourhood to keep healthy and strong, but it also strives to be a proud addition to some of Becky Jasper’s favourite local businesses too. Places like Skoah where Yavanna is “such a pillar in the community,” and Cream Pony which happens to be right in the back alley, and whose fried chicken Becky’s family adores.“They’re killing it!” she says of the family-owned and operated spot. She also mentions the amazing way “The Quay supports small business through their programming,” since Salted Cycle was welcomed in pop-up form on their second floor while they waited for their new home to be ready.


Ready? Set? Let’s Ride!


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Salted Cycle believes that businesses thrive through collaboration over competition, and Becky Jasper is happy that her team will be a part of a community where there’s “always been a feeling of genuine care.” As for us, we’re thrilled to say that feeling is mutual.

Check out Salted Cycle at 119 1st East this October, and be sure to follow them on their social channels for the latest news, offers and updates.


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