Meet Becky Jasper, Founder of Salted Cycle


Becky Jasper, Founder of Salted Cycle

She’s a possibility pusher.

She sees possibility in everything and, despite a global pandemic brought on by COVID-19, Becky Jasper encourages her team, and the Salted Cycle clients to look ahead through a lens of positivity.

Where exactly did she get such an upbeat and inspired approach?

Some of it she attributes to the 13 years she worked for Lululemon, and its founder Chip Wilson, at a time when the company experienced explosive growth beginning in 2003. Becky says she “grew up” at Lululemon holding positions of increasing responsibility within a company that taught her how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Eventually, she became part of the training team travelling a great deal as she supported new store openings and leadership development within lululemon, and ivivva stores.

Becky was an ideal fit for the company as she’d left her native Saskatchewan to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto earning a degree in Merchandising and Buying Operations (she switched her original focus from fashion design to fashion business). She was also focused on health and wellness, so, as indoor spin classes surged in popularity, she became a spin instructor at Bally Total Fitness.

“I’ve always been a mover,” she says. Becky also needs to embrace what she calls “the full output” so that means moving her body, using her mind and putting the right fuel in her body. She’s been a vegetarian for the last 24 years, something she says might be as a result of her time as the “onion ring girl” at her local A&W at the age of 15.

So how did she end up in North Vancouver and The Shipyards District? She met her future husband (a local) and the rest is history. Becky opened Salted Cycle three years ago and she says she refuses to become stagnant. The business has been built as a family and they’ve put their everything into it. She gained the confidence to open her own business after opening and running, what felt like, her own business with the launch of each new Lululemon store. She also knew that a business’ actual physical location is critical to its success and she saw the increasing densification, the growth potential, and the vibrant energy of The Shipyards District as positive signs.

The Salted Experience is described as a 50-minute high intensity indoor cycling ride where riders tune out the distractions and tune in to themselves sparking potential and fueling emotion. Becky describes her salted state of mind as the moment she gives in, really gives it all she’s got, and then the aftermath – the mental, visual and freedom mindset, and outcome of a great ride.

Giving back to the community and the people in it is a priority for her family. They started Serve It Up – ride events by donation geared to raise awareness and resources for charities and causes – before Salted Cycle was even profitable.

5 things you might not know about Becky:

  1. She can’t live without popcorn.
  2. She’s a bit shy – an introvert/extrovert.
  3. Her Ukrainian heritage means butter is a staple in her cooking.
  4. She brought home a street dog from Mexico 14 years ago in a VW van.
  5. When she first moved to B.C. she spent a summer tree planting, something she calls a character building and humbling experience.


  1. Who do you admire?
  2. My brother. He’s three years older than me and the person I do not want to disappoint. He’s the example of non-judgement and taught me the value of individuality and self-expression.


  1. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  2. Love ballads.


  1. If you could meet and speak with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
  2. I would have loved to have met Bob Marley. His beliefs are so clean and have translated perfectly into his music. A conversation with him would be so fascinating.


  1. What do you do on your days off?
  2. I cook for my family. I have two kids ages seven and nine. A lot of love goes into how we eat.


  1. What advice would you give your younger self?
  2. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on you, not what’s happening around you and everything you need and want is right there in front of you. Do what you do as best you can because there’s room for everyone and to remember collaboration over competition.


Want to get into a “salted state of mind?” You’ll find Becky and her inspiring team at 113 2nd St W, 604-985-8998,