Meet – Pam Chilton, Zimba Design


Pam Chilton – Zimba Design

If you haven’t yet met Pam or visited her in her office, located in her favorite historic building on Lonsdale Avenue, here a few fun things you should know:

1. She used to ski race.
2. She owns a VW van.
3. She is the first female building inspector on the North Shore.
4. She learned to drive at 13 in case her dad got hurt when they were in the woods cutting firewood.
5. Her design superpower is finding space when there isn’t any.

Pam Chilton’s many design credentials are only outdone by the prestigious awards she has won.

If you ask her if she watches home design shows on TV, she’ll answer with an emphatic no – she finds they give the public a false sense that an entire home can designed and renovated in a week. As a child she preferred blocks to dolls, built forts in the forest and drew her first floorplan at the age of five. Looking back, it seems inevitable that Pam would become an interior designer. If she wasn’t a designer she thinks she may have become a lawyer. Her time as the first female building inspector on the North Shore taught her that she is meticulously good at quoting bylaws and building codes. Or, maybe she would own a tea shop – she’s a bit of a tea fan.

Pam grew up in Squamish, but considered North Vancouver her second home, so it’s no surprise she is now raising her family and running her business in The Shipyards District, where she feels so welcome.

On her days off, you’ll find Pam cooking big batches of food to freeze, paddleboarding, or jumping in her VW van with the family and heading out on local road trips.

Q. What book are you currently reading?
A. Murder by Milkshake by Eve Lazarus. It’s a famous and true story of Rene Castellani, a Vancouver CKNW radio personality in the 1960s, who was convicted of poisoning his 40-year-old wife, Esther, with arsenic laced milkshakes. She died a slow and agonizing death so that he could be free to marry the radio station’s twentysomething receptionist Lolly, who he was having an affair with.

Q. If you could have dinner with some celebrities, living or deceased, who would it be?
A. Ryan Reynolds, Trevor Linden, Michelle Obama (she could bring Barack!), and Ellen DeGeneres. Hopefully someone would bring their chef so they would do the cooking and I could just enjoy the visit.

Q. Whose home would you like to design?
A. Prince Harry and Megan. Everyone’s talking about how they might buy a home in Vancouver.

Q. What interior design trend do you hope never returns?
A. Avocado green appliances.

Have a home or commercial space that you would like renovated and designed from planning and design, through to final inspection? You’ll find Pam’s boutique building design firm in the historic building at 92 Lonsdale Avenue, Suite 305.