Business Crime Prevention Advice in Response to COVID-19


Your Lower Lonsdale BIA would like to share the following advice with many of our business owners who contribute to making The Shipyards District a wonderful, dynamic business community. And who may have temporarily closed their doors during these challenging times. Right now, we all need to work together to keep each other, our community and our businesses, safe and secure. We continual to work closely with our local RCMP, ensuring it is a priority to increase circulation around these closed businesses and key areas of concern.

We are also providing these crime prevention tips for business owners with the confidence that by working together we will keep our city, our business owners, and our community members safe.

  • Mobile Security

    Some businesses have employed security personnel to patrol businesses (or areas around multiple businesses). To meet the current needs of our members, the Lower Lonsdale BIA continues to work closely with our North Vancouver RCMP ensuring patrols continue especially arounds areas of specific concern.

  • Removing some or all merchandise from store when possible

    If stores can altogether remove or even store merchandise away from view would be helpful. Empty out your cash drawer, and leave it open, so that it can be seen from outside to be empty. Removing any small or valuable items from stores displays will prevent smash and grab opportunities.

  • Displaying signage 

    Consider displaying notices such as “no cash or valuables are left on these premises”.

  • Alarm systems

    If your property has an alarm installed, activate it and monitor for activity.

  • Increase lighting

    Consider keeping the exterior of the business well-lit, even when closed, as lighting is a good deterrent for those looking to break into a business.

  • Increase locking mechanisms

    Make sure all outside entrances and inside security doors have deadbolt locks.

  • Increased partnerships between business groups, private security, and police

    This can enhance each other’s efforts to protect commercial areas. Tell your business neighbours your plan and look out for each other.