Tourism Challenge 2023

The Shipyards District – Tourism Challenge 2023

Receive your stamps by completing the scavenger hunt and discovering the words that make up our secret phrase. Visit our stamping station and tell them the secret phrase to acquire your passport stamp.

    1. 1. This sweet business is in the Shipyards Commons. fly down to check out the buzz. It will bee your start. Collect the start of your sentence here. Hint: next to Seaside Hotel


    1. 2. Giddy up Lonsdale Ave. and find this business in LoLo Lane.  You can stop here for a coffee and treat.  Yeehaw!  Hint: You can choose between chocolate dip, jelly bomb, or the fried chicken.


    1. 3. Lastly, take a MOment to stroll down to your final location. This lower lonsdale mercantile offers home essentials, unique food and gifts. There is also a children and baby shop tucked upstairs. Hint: you can’t miss the green awning at Esplanade



Take your finished sentence to our stamping location!

Stamping station:

Mo’s General Store, 51 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M,

9am-7pm – everyday

While completing the challenge, be sure to join us on social media and use our hashtag #shipyardsdistrict