The Polygon Gallery presents Response: Resonance

Date: Wednesday January 25th, 2023 — Sunday February 12th, 2023

Response: Resonance is the culmination of the Response program, an annual program that inspires ways of responding artistically to historical and contemporary Indigenous ways of being. Participants engaged in a series of workshops led by Indigenous artists and Knowledge Holders during summer 2022.

Inspired by the qualities of sound that can be heard and felt around and within the listener, participants were invited to think about the capacity of sound and voice to connect us with memory, territory, and community.

The video works produced by participants will be on view from January 25–February 12. Varied approaches to sound are presented, expressing individual and collective experiences that range from dislocation to immersion. From soundscapes, both found and constructed, to singing circles and monologues, these video works explore themes such as knowledge transfer, ceremony, and healing.

As rivers flow and urban landscapes dissolve, connections are reclaimed through gestures both careful and caring, marked by reflections of responsibility and gratitude. Through acts of holding on, letting go, and taking back, Resonance considers the transformations that are possible both within and around us.

The themes in Response will be developed further in a series of online public programs.

Note that the screening will be closed on the evening of Thursday, January 26, as The Polygon hosts The Lind Prize 2022 Award Ceremony + Closing Ceremony.


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