The Champions Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

Date: Saturday February 10th, 2024

Time: 2:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Cost: By Donation to Sage Transition House

Seminar to be facilitated by Champions’ Top Female Instructors

Ages 13+

In our Self Defence Seminars, you will Learn:

• A’s of Self Defence:
• Avoid – Risk Assessments
• Awareness – Planning, surroundings, people
• Action – What Actions to take
• Basic and Practical Self-Defense moves
• Home Safety – make sure your home is safe and well secured
• Defence against a Weapon – Gun/Knife
• Standing Your Ground – building confidence
• Main Striking areas – know where to strike and with what force

Self Defence is like always having a personal security system on you. Being able to assess a situation as quickly as possible and knowing what to do is Key in being able to defend yourself or a loved one.

You will leave the seminar feeling charged, confident and in better control of your life.

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  • Champions Martial Art Academy
  • 125 1st St E North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V7l 1B2
  • The Champions Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

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