Made By Women Exhibition

Date: Thursday June 8th, 2023 — Monday July 31st, 2023

Cost: FREE

We are delighted to announce Made by Women, an exhibition that celebrates the power and beauty of artwork made by contemporary First Nation women artists from the Pacific Northwest. It is a celebration of female perspectives and creative vision, highlighting how this work is the foundation of cultural heritage in Indigenous communities.

This exhibition features a selection of female Indigenous artists working today, both emerging and well-established, and represents a diverse range of styles, mediums, and techniques. While this exhibition encompasses a small cross section of the many Indigenous women working today, it is a tribute to the vital role of women in Indigenous cultures and a celebration of the beauty and power of their artistic expression.

In many First Nations, knowledge and rank are passed down matrilinealy, making the role of women essential in preserving and transmitting cultural traditions. Through their art, these women artists explore and express their cultural identities, their relationship to the land, and the history and stories of their ancestors.


  • Inuit Gallery
  • 120 Carrie Cates Court, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7M 0G7

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