Clementine A (True) Story

Date: Saturday February 26th, 2022 — Sunday February 27th, 2022

Feb 26 | 4:00 pm
Feb 27 | 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

Check out this theatre piece showcasing masterful table-top puppetry and storytelling.

En route to her family vacation, Clémentine suddenly learns that her parents are no longer in love. The word “divorce” hurts to hear. She promises herself to do everything she can to prevent it. But does a little girl really get to decide her parents’ story?

Navigating episodes of her everyday life throughout the seasons, with the help of her little sister Laura, Clémentine tames her sadness and finds the strength to mourn the image she had of the “fairy tale family”.

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  • Presentation House Theatre
  • 333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9
  • Presentation House Theatre

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