Date: Friday July 12th, 2024 — Sunday September 29th, 2024

Cost: Admission is by Donation

Anti-Icon: Apokalypsis is on view at The Polygon July 12 – September 29.

About the Exhibition
What does it mean to be an icon and who, or what, becomes iconic? Icons carry authority, in their highly symbolic and instant recognisability. The new, landmark series Anti-Icon: Apokalypsis, by acclaimed photographer Martine Gutierrez, refuses ready understandings of identity, gender, and culture. Across seventeen self-portraits, Gutierrez embodies a pantheon of legendary figures – all female or feminized – from across the world’s legends, histories, and myths. Her re-imaginings of such endlessly reproduced figures reference the long visual lineages in which these images circulate – from traditional iconography and Renaissance painting to contemporary fashion editorials and pop media – while offering an interpretation that challenges all these depictions. Through the “anti-icon”, Gutierrez stretches the malleability of the self, and of the social imagination that shapes it.

Anti-Icon: Apokalypsis is Curated by Elliott Ramsey

Generously supported by The Houssian Foundation

Banner Image: Martine Gutierrez, Cleopatra (detail), 2021

  • The Polygon Gallery

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