As a mother, wife, and fashion designer Fatima Nasserzadeh still craves more creative adventure everyday. For Fatima, Fashion design has less to do with work, and more to do with opening her mind to inspiring things. To her, every object, every event, and every situation poses as potential for a new project to give life to. From working on garments to thinking of new fashions that have never been tried, she’s definitely not one to shy away from opportunities when they come.

After many years of pursuing a series of other careers and projects, Fatima has finally found her passion as an aspiring fashion designer. Originally from Iran, Fatima graduated from university with a degree in chemistry. She soon opened her own laboratory for research and began teaching at the university as well. With a successful business and a team of researchers to help, things were going great.

Some years later, she decided to leave everything behind to move to Vancouver with her family. Here she began to rekindle an old liking for fashion and apparel, later coming to the realization that her dreams can only be fulfilled by greater things. With her extensive experience in the clothing industry, the transition to fashion design couldn’t have felt more natural. Now studying fashion design at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Fatima enjoys every experience in her journey for- ward.

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