Steve Huynh, founder of Steve’s Poké Bar, was born in a Malaysian refugee camp as a result of the Vietnam War. His parents were sponsored to Canada although half of his family lives in various parts of Oahu. He spent much of his life growing up between Vancouver and Honolulu, and he shares many childhood memories there – from days at the beach with cousins, adventurous night snorkeling, to learning how to cut whole ahi tuna and perfecting authentic Hawaiian poké from a mix of family recipes and influences from his favourite local poké joints.

Steve’s Poké Bar was born when Steve and his wife Camy, wanted to share their love of Hawaiian poké with fellow Vancouverites. Their love story began in Hawaii in 2010. Prior to that trip, Camy did not eat raw fish because of an embarrassing childhood experience. Steve wanted to introduce Camy to the local Hawaiian lifestyle, including poké – the must-try Hawaiian staple, which was their first stop off the plane. From that moment, Camy not only started eating raw fish again, but loving and craving poké.

Before 2016, poké was almost unheard of in Vancouver. Now, it is amazing to see Steve’s childhood comfort food grow and evolve from fusion flavours to poké burritos. How is Steve’s Poké Bar different? Steve wanted to preserve the method and traditional way of serving authentic Hawaiian poké, the way he grew up with poké, with the option of adding various toppings to complete a healthy meal. Steve and Camy’s love of the local Hawaiian lifestyle sparked their desire to open an authentic Hawaiian poké bar in 2017. There are now locations all over the Lower Mainland to spread ALOHA and bring the best poké experiences to our guests.

If you would like to get poké the Hawaiian way, come see us, and mahalo for sharing your love of poké with us!