Slow roasted meat sandwiches and all day breakfast sandwiches. Locally sourced produce cooked fresh.

Born in Dublin Ireland, Martin spent his formative years running his family’s 2 pharmacies. Travel and food was, and still is his passion. His late mother was a genius in the kitchen and passed on her professional cooking skills to him. He has spent time traveling the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe living and eating like the locals. In 2005 he decided to sell up in Ireland and move to south east Spain where he opened an Irish pub and eatery and met his wife Shari (hailing from Portsmouth UK and a fellow travel junkie). 9 years of hard graft in the pub, in 100F summer temperatures took their toll. The O’Neills decided to move lock stock and barrel with their daughter Mia to the more temperate climes of Vancouver BC. It was always the plan to open another place to enjoy good food and meet people. After months of research and looking for the business in North Vancouver where they live, the Lower Lonsdale property became available to lease.