Our locally made affordable bamboo accessories make perfect gifts for every member of your family.

The BeetleBag is the smallest, BIG bag in the world because it carries a lot of stuff! Snuggly fitting into the small of your back with adjustable shock cord, you can load your phone, keys, dog treats etc. It’s great for walks, hikes and short runs

ArmAGetins are great for all kinds of winter adventures and have a pocket on each sleeve for gels, keys, etc.

ThumBLeana or TomThumb are just too cool to pass up!

B52 & PoneEUp beanies have been the most popular item because of the perfect fit on any shaped head. They will keep you looking stylish and fit great under a bike or ski helmet. One can never have too many beanies!

Can’t decide? Create your own gift bag bundle for just $75!

BeetleBag – For Beetling around Town = $35
ArmAGetins – Arm Warmers = $35
ThumBLeana /TomThumb – Hand Warmers = $28
B52 Beeni = $28
PonEUp Beeni – For Pony Tails = $28


Select 3 Items of your choice = $75