Date: Thursday May 23rd, 2024

Time: 6:30 pm — 8:30 pm

Cost: Admission is by Donation

On this auspicious occasion of the Full Moon, we invite you to pass through the Moon Gate with us in honour of Asian Heritage Month, featuring the works of Eric Cheung, Cristian Gonzalez, OURO Collective, and x/o. Resembling the shape of a full moon, a Moon Gate is a circular opening traditionally found in classical Chinese gardens and architecture, representing the cyclical nature of time and the continuous flow of energy through unity and harmony. Functionally serving as a passageway and transition between different spaces, a Moon Gate is also a symbolic portal between the earthly and the celestial, bridging mortal time with the divine. Each artist in this lineup uniquely engages dualities of harmony and dissonance through their own interpretations of time and divination.

Doors at 6:30pm
Film and Performances at 7pm
Artist Q&A to follow
RSVPs are appreciated

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Eric Cheung, in collaboration with Cristian Gonzalez, presentsย Everlasting, a mesmerizing audiovisual experience that explores the recurring cycles and never-ending processes that make up the natural order of our existence. Using circles as the primary visual element to depict these cycles, such as life and death or cycles within our lives and the environment around us that we have no control over,ย Everlastingย seeks to reflect and contemplate on the different “circles” around us at all times.

Excerpts of 7y98d
OURO Collective performs excerpts of their latest piece, 7y98d, conceived in collaboration with street dance virtuoso RubberLegz. Intricate connections between bodies create moving tableaux representing the Earth’s and Moon’s cyclical nature as they continually transform and deconstruct our perception of time and space.

Choreography: RubberLegz, in collaboration with OURO Collective (Ash Cornette, Cristina Bucci, Eric Cheung, Rina Pellerin, Shana Wolfe)

Chaos Butterfly
In their latest creative endeavour, x/o probes into the realm of duality and tension, weaving together contrasting elements to explore personal transformation and identity. This project takes audiences on an immersive journey where harmony and turmoil coalesce in a delicate balance. Through experimental genre bending and sonic storytelling, x/o invites viewers to reflect on the intricacies of self-discovery and acceptance.

About the Artists

x/oย is Veron Xio, an electronic music producer, dj and performer currently based in โ€˜Vancouverโ€™. x/o has presented work internationally, with notable performances at Phoenix Central Park (Sydney), Berghain (Berlin), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), and House of Electronic Arts (Basel). In 2019, they were selected for the MUTEK Amplify residency at Somerset House Studios UK and Red Bull Bass Camp Calgary at the National Music Centre.

OURO Collective, founded in 2014, fuses hip-hop, waacking, breaking, popping, house, and contemporary dance as their foundation. Each street dancer has trained with the founders of their respective dance styles and brings specific knowledge to the group aesthetic. OURO has presented their work at Dancing on the Edge, NOWNESS, VIDF, Seattle IDF, Dance in Vancouver, and toured Japan. They are also recipients of Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize.

Eric Cheungย is a street dance and inter-disciplinary artist based in so-called Vancouver. Eric has cultivated a singular approach to movement with his base and specialization in Popping, incorporating outside influences and other dance styles recognised nationally and internationally. Eric explores different mediums to further expand the boundaries of street dance in film, theatre, new media, fashion, and Virtual Reality (VR), with projects such as E_GO, I(n)finite,iye, Re:1974, Liminal, Diverge, Null, and more.

Cristian Gonzalezย is an engineer and creative coder. Cristian works with emerging technologies in an attempt to explore the human-machine entanglements and the intersection between science and spirituality. He uses code, software and machines as his craft to design real time multimedia systems for immersive/interactive experiences.

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